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The Brand Card is an interactive exhibitor profile. It bundles the important information of the exhibitor.

  • Company description & product presentation

  • Direct appointment requests & immediate networking

  • Individual design options

  • Media Upload (videos, photos and PDFs)

  • Video calls with company employees

  • All-In packages: an employee can be contacted directly in the Brand Card

Brand Card Maintenance

  1. Once you have registered as an exhibitor for ITB Berlin NOW you will receive an email with a link guiding you to your Brand Card. Please check your spam folder.

  2. Set up your Brand Card with all necessary information

  3. If you have booked the „All-In for Destination“ package, your registered co-exhibitors will receive their link to the Brand Card directly via email.

Updating your Brand Card

How long does it take to update Brand Card edits in the platform?

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in before saving with the function "save profile data" at the bottom. The data will be saved and updated immediately in your Brand Card on ITB Berlin NOW. Please remember to cache your data in between. If information is entered successfully, the field will appear green with a check mark. A click on "Continue" will take you directly to the next section. After editing information, no preview is available. In order to see the changes in your Brand Card, you have to have access to the ITB Berlin NOW Platform with your registered email address.

To see your updates please make sure to save them in your Brand Card maintenance and then reload the ITB Berlin NOW Platform page. If that does not help please delete your browser cache and reload again.

Connect with organization

Connect with a company as an employee in the Brand Card Back Office. The company will be shown in your user profile. You will be shown as an employee on the Brand Card to other users.

How to connect with more than one company Brand Card?

You can only be connected with more than one company but only one company can be shown in your user profile. But it can be switched by deleting / setting the connection in the back office of the Brand Cards.

We recommend to mark the not shown Brand Brand as a favorite on the showfloor.

Upgrade your Brand Card

To upgrade your Brand Card Package and get more features activated please send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you with more information.

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