Here you will find all the information you need to maintain your Brand Card.

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Accessing the Brand Card

After the responsible contact person has "opened" the brand card initially, he/she will register as a participant (preview link or regular ticket link after FEB 15th), then enter the ITB NOW platform and go to the "own organization" (right dropdown menue). If both email-accounts are matching (!) - this person will be the first contact linked to the own company brand card.

Additional Information

Inform the visitor about your founding year, number of employees and the industry your company operates in.

Adding Team Members to the Brand Card

Step-by-step for Main Contact Person:

Step 1:

Check the E-Mail you received from “ITB-Registration” (also check your Spam folder). In this E-mail you find under 2. Your ticket vouchers the respective amount of ticket vouchers included in your exhibitor package.
Step 2:

Choose one of these ticket codes for you, respectively the person that has officially been named as “contact person” in the registration of the Brand Card. Please note that the E-mail address used during the registration has to be the same you use in the following steps. If the person that has been assigned as contact person in the registration does not register via ticket shop, no other employee will be able to be added to the Brand Card.

Step 3:

Go to Ticketshop ( and follow the procedure to officially register by entering the voucher code. You will receive a confirmation.

Step 4:

Go to

Step 5:

Enter the same E-mail address you have used for the registration in the ticket shop and log-in to ITB Berlin NOW.

Step 6:
If you have registered with the same e-mail address as the one used in the registration and the ticket shop, your profile should automatically be linked to your Brand Card. You can access your Brand Card via “My Organization” on the right side in the Communication Center.

Step 7:

Go to “Back Office” and click on Team. Here you can add any registered person at ITB Berlin NOW as team member to your Brand Card. Please note that each team member has to be registered at the platform before you can add them.


Steps for further employees / Team Members:

 Before you start adding Team Members please make sure your profile has the Networking Function activated - otherwise you won’t be able to find anyone on the platform! See example below:

In case you would like to make your profile invisible, you can deactivate the function “Allow people to find me” on your profile:

Step 1:

Forward each code to an employee/colleague who shall have access to ITB Berlin NOW.

Step 2:

Have each colleague follow step 3-5. Please note that their e-mail addresses have to be unique and everyone should use their own e-mail address.


Once registered at ITB Berlin NOW, the main Contact Person (see above) can add colleagues to the Brand Card via the Back Office.


The address you entered during registration appears here. You can change the displayed address.


The background picture uploaded here will be displayed in the Show Floor tile view for PLUS and ALL-IN Brand Cards. In the detail page of ALL Brand Cards this is displayed at the very top. Please make sure to use the right format and note this information.

2560 x 640 px

Brand Card: Back Office

Back Office features are only available to the team members that are listed as part of the organization of the Brand Card. These features are the same for alll of the members, and cannot be applied differently.

Brand Card: Manage your contact requests

When a guest or normal visitor goes to your Brand Card and clicks "Register Interest" there, you need to go to your Back Office on your Brand Card and look under "Contact Request". There you will find all requests, whether guest or normal visitor.

For Contact and Meeting Requests in your back office we recommend using the “share” function.

In order to share, please open the chat via the “Chat-Icon” in the persons profile, click on the 3 dots (interaction menu) and click share. You can add a note, e.g. “Contact Request from XY”, or “Meeting Request from XY”. Please note that the note is limited to 150 characters.

This shared profile will appear as a chat notification in your Chat tab and the respective colleague will as well receive a chat notification:

Please note: You can share Persons profiles and Brand Cards via the “Share-Icon”

Brand Card: Show Room - Basics

The Exhibitor Show Room is available for all exhibitors – no matter what package.

Entering the (public) Show Room is similar to entering a booth at a trade show. It is an audio/video/chat room where the visitor and anyone else who "enters this booth" has the opportunity to get in direct contact with the exhibitor's selected staff. Exhibitor staff are identified for all attendees in the attendee list. In your back office you can decide which employees are available for the Show Room.

These staff members must be actively present in the Show Room to welcome guests. We recommend having at least one staff member there at all times to ensure the Show Room is activated and available.

The Show Room will remain open for visitors even if they navigate to other areas on the ITB Berlin NOW platform. A visitor has to actively leave the Show Room by clicking on the red handset (hang up)

Functions are similar to e.g. Zoom/MS teams; people can share their video/audio, screen, chat, etc.

Brand Card: Show Room & Team Members

To display your Team Members on the Show Room please make that the tabs “Networking”; “Allow people to find me” and “Standby Showroom” are activated, as per picture below:

Attention: your Show Room will be deactivated if all your Team Members turn off the “Standby Showroom” option.


Show visitors what your product portfolio entails and where you operate. A well maintained category overview gives visitors a first indication on what you as a company offer overall. A Drop-Down menu offers you the possibility to select from various predefined terms in the sections "topics" and "destinations". Use the search function if you search for specific items instead of scrolling through them all.

Our tip: Prepare your presence and visibility by editing only relevant categories in the profile settings of your company’s Brand Card. You may choose between topics and destinations and provide visitors with information about your company’s offer. Be aware that the chosen categories represent your respective source market. Your Brand Card will then appear when visitors filter the respective category in the Show Floor.

Company name

The exhibitor name you entered during registration appears here. You may change it if necessary. The name which you enter here is your official exhibitor name with which you present your brand on ITB Berlin NOW.


Here you can add additional contact data of your company.


The description is your first attempt to inform visitors about your company in more detail. This description will appear in you Brand Card Detailpage.

The short description is a first glance of the information which a visitor sees before delving deeper into your Brand Card detail page. This short description appears on your Brand Card in the Show Floor tile view for PLUS and ALL-IN Packages.

First Person Logged with the Brand Card

The platform profile of the responsible contact person for a companies Brand Card will automatically be linked to the Brand Card when the person is initially accessing the platform with the matching email (the person responsible for the Brand Card = first person logged in with the matching mail-adress).


Keywords are an essential tool in order to increase your chance to be found in the Show Floor via the search function. The search function entails every word that appears somewhere in the entire ITB Berlin NOW platform. Words that are not mentioned in any other section in your Brand Card can be added here, so when visitors actively search for a word you edited here, your Brand Card will be proposed in the search results. These keywords will not be displayed in your Brand Card.


Add additional website links here, for e.g. the homepage of your company and services.


The logo appears in your Brand Card in the Show Floor in tile and list view, as well as in your Brand Card detail page. Please make sure to use the right format and note this information.

500 x 500 px

Maintenance Link

The link sent to you in e-mail is a public URL link that you can send to persons responsible for the Brand Card maintenance. Via this link you can adjust, change or update any information at any time. In order to edit information, you have to follow the URL Link each time - we therefore recommend saving this link in your Browser bookmark section.
Access to the Brand Card Maintenance Webpage does not automatically provide access to the ITB Berlin NOW platform. A valid registration via the platform is still necessary. If you have booked the All-IN Destination package, Co-Exhibitors will receive their link directly via e-mail.


Here you can provide additional media like videos, photos or documents you want to share with visitors.

Uploaded Documents are available for download to all visitors. Please note this information.

Media data (such as products, trademarks, links) cannot be sorted.

When uploading videos please make sure that the first second of the file contains already the video title within the image - otherwise the video will appear with a black screen on your card.


The Product section is a great way to inform visitors about offers of your portfolio. You can edit the name of the product, add an image, categories, description, keywords and upload marketing material such as videos, photos or documents. Please note that the number of displayed products is limited to 3 for the STARTER package and 10 for PLUS package. They are unlimited for the All-In-Package. We recommend not to edit more products than are included in your booked package as they will not appear in your Brand Card.

Show Room

A Brand Card’s Show Room is the main access point for visitors' inquiries. You can receive visitors here via video call. Make sure the Show Room is manned by activating their presence using the Back Office function on your Brand Card. Each team member mannning the Show Room must have the profile activated for apperaring in the Show Floor “Standby Show Room” as follows:

Attention: Your Show Room will be deactivated and therefore not available for visitors if alll your Team Members are deactivated for the Show Room. The deactivation can be done from each personal profile (see above) or via Back Office on your Brand Card by clicking on the “Eye” icon next to each team member (see below). Important: You cannot deactive yourself in this view, you have to go to your personal profile.

Social Media

Add your Social Media Profiles to inform visitors about your channels. The different Social Media Channels appear as Logo in your Brand Card Detailpage inkl. direct link to the webpages.


Trademarks are an additional option to present your brands of your company's portfolio. You can edit the name of the trademark and further information. Please note that the number of displayed trademarks is limited to 3 for the STARTER package and 10 for PLUS package. They are unlimited for the All-In-Package. We recommend not to edit more trademarks than are included in your booked package as they will not appear in your Brand Card.

Updating your Brand Card

How long does it take to update Brand Card edits in the platform?

After saving your changes and reloading the platform website changes should be updated right away.

To see your updates please make sure to save them in your Brand Card maintenance and then reload the ITB Berlin NOW Platform page. If that does not help please delete your browser cache and reload again.

If you experience any issues with your Brand Cards maintenance please contact us via the orange “?” widget at the bottom right of this page.

Maintance Brand Card .pdf

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