The Lead Finder is OUT NOW!

This is your tool to find buyers or sellers you want to make business with. And here is how it works:

  1. Go to your own User Profile, click on “Edit profile” and choose up to five categories you are selling and / or buying and add your Resident Country.

  2. Go to the Lead Finder and on the top of the page select Seller or Buyer to find the people or contacts you are looking for.

  3. Specify your search by choosing a a) Category, b)Destination and c) Resident Country (for Buyers only).

  4. Add on: Use the general search function on top of the platform to look for keywords, people, company names or job titles.

To change your criteria just reset the chosen filters and start a new search.

Further hints:

Why I am not finding any seller or buyer filtered by my destination?

The new and specially developed “Lead Finder” is based on the profile details of the platform users and has been made available on the platform since 1 March.

A prerequisite for the display of information in the “Lead Finder” is that all buyers, exhibitors and trade visitors specify what they are selling or buying in their personal communication center ( Settings, Select Pen, Edit Profile).

Only then can the lead contacts be found on the basis of this information. It is also a prerequisite that the platform users have "Networking" switched on or activated in their profile.

Since the “Lead Finder” was launched on 1 March, we ask for your patience so that all platform users can update their profiles accordingly until 9 March and further on. Your team members may also update their personal data by editing their profile and selecting  up to five categories they are selling to be easily found as well.

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