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To be able to log in the platform you first need a ticket to create a personal profile.

When purchasing the ticket please use an e-mail address that can be displayed on the platform (business e-mail address f.e.) By purchasing the ticket with the e-mail address you are already setting the first step for the login and you cannot change the e-mail address afterwards.

Only one personal profile per email address will be created on the ITB Berlin NOW platform. If identical email addresses are entered for several attendees, only one personal profile will be created.


Go to:

Enter the email address you used to purchase the ticket and click "Enter". The login code will be sent to your email address immediately from the e-mail account Check your spam folder!

Now enter the four-digit number from this email in our login window to join the ITB Berlin NOW platform and activate your profile. If you are added as a contact person in the exhibitor registration, your profile will automatically be assigned to the Brand Card after successful login. On the landing page there is also the possibility to perform a system check, with the button "Get a free system check now".

If you log off the platform and login again you might have to enter a new code sent to your email address and repeat this procedure.

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