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Discovery Graph

Connect with relevant contacts, chat, schedule meetings and create an interest-based network. Find out more about our networking features in our networking tutorial.

ITB Berlin NOW introduces Discovery Graph as a special feature to the Matching program. With the Discovery Graph function you can find contacts with similar interests - the more you update your own profile with tagged interest, the better the algorithm can suggest you suitable people to connect.

ITB Berlin NOW Matching is based on the interests and topics you specify in your profile and enables networking with existing customers as well as with new customers. The algorithm-based matching process recommends suitable business contacts. You have the possibility to send appointment and meeting requests and keep an overview thanks to the individual calendar function. In addition, you can share your business cards or export received business cards from ITB Berlin NOW.

How to: Find Users

Users can be found, if a) they have logged in after registering and b) if they have their networking mode turned on. Please type in their name in the networking section under "Find new people"

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